Landon Polack

Interdisciplinary industrial designer with focuses in consumer products, sound and soft goods design.


Landon Polack

Interdisciplinary Industrial Designer with growing focuses in discursive design, sound, furniture, and design education.

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With the recent announcement of Audi’s latest concept car; the Activesphere, I asked myself to consider what this car’s physical touchpoints might sound like...

Using Ableton Live Suite I created a sonic identity for the car, scoring UX touch points such as touch screen navigation and control dials.  

I also explored the role of the electric car’s startup sounds play in communicating luxury....

This was achieved by creating lush reverbed chords juxtaposed with bassy synth plucks to communicate a sense of peace within the car’s cabin and sleek, aggressive performance on the cars’ exterior.

In exploring the car’s interactive navigation system, I wanted to bring nature into the cabin, to create a more seamless and immersive experience.

This is accomplished through a lush pad that opens up to sounds of birds chirping, referencing the surrounding environment passing outside the car.

These sounds also seek to help characterize driving’s shift towards a more passive leisure experience focused on relaxation and comfort.

Footage provided by Audi MediaCenter

Screenshot of Ableton Live Workflow:

Example of a Wavetable synth patch I developed for the dial turning fx:

Original score and sound design for Lancia’s Pu+Ra HPE concept car

Sonic branding of juxtaposing classical sounds agaist futuristic synthetics to convey Lancia’s transition towards e mobility. The sonic logo featured at the end of the video blends a lancia racing engine into an electronic acceleration, signaling a shift into the electric era. 

Footage copyright and provided by Lancia 

signal chain for electronic engine sounds, modulating wavetable position and slowly pitching oscilator up 

British fashion designer; Craig Green, is a source of great inspiration through his combined use of architecture, engineering, and design in developing a luxury fashion brand.

With this ad composition; I sought to capture and convey the tension and tranquility present within Green’s experimental garments.

Through a series of fast video cuts, the sonic collaging of hard panned, grumbling bass fights against sharp, distorted high notes, seeking to juxtapose the energies shared between the two fashion models.

A mixture of noise textures run through wavetable synthesizers were utilized to convey wind and fabric.

As the energies build, the tension is released through a sharp distortion breaking through the cloth, and the models fall from suspension to a single note still resolution.

Video copyright: Stephen Langmanis, Showstudio and Craig Green